If this quarantine is STRAINING your personal life, this article is for you!

This quarantine is socially restricting especially if you are trying to date and find your next partner in life. Everyone is feeling a bit caged in, held down and enclosed right now. It is important to stay strong mentally and emotionally for this brief time period to better further your lifestyle once all of this subsides. There are many things we can all do while being confined from the outside world. I’m sure  our SINGLES GUIDE TO DATING IN QUARANTINE will help you navigate your situation.



This is a great opportunity to reset not only your mindset about what you want out of a relationship, but also what you can manage and truly desire. During the hustle and bustle of “normal life” we tend to get lost in what we essentially want and need from a partner, so we end up settling for less than we deserve because it makes us feel valid in brief moments, therefore we are left always feeling like we need more. Quarantine is the precise time to sit down and truly think about what fulfills you personally and in a relationship.


Piggybacking on the previous step. Not only do you need time, your partner and or kids need time for the exact same reasons. I know in some places around the country it may be a lot easier than others. But everyone needs a chance to have some breathing room so the relationships don’t strain and take a hit.


Believe it or not beer goggles exist even when scrolling thru them online profiles, put down that cocktail so you can have a more substantial conversation with the person you are connecting with. This outbreak has given people a time to think and create fresh new priorities. It has fundamentally forced people to change what we expect out of a potential partner. We are all craving that personal contact and social interaction during these uncertain times. But if you allow yourself to waste time to talking to a guy or girl that you wouldn’t normally give the time of day, just because you’re bored, and craving social engagement then you are doing yourself a disservice from the jump. When connecting with someone new DO ask the deep questions and stick to your non-negotiables at all costs.

4 TRY NEW DATING SITES (and times) of the house.

They say that online dating sites have seen a spike in activity since the quarantine has started, people are feeling lonely and looking for any way to interact. Take advantage of all the new potential matches online. One way to do that would be to branch out of your comfort zone and try a new dating site that you generally wouldn’t. Truthfully, we are all saving a little money not being able to get our nails/hair done, go out to dinner and social events. So, you could use those funds to pay for an online dating site, this would expose you to a whole new subset of people you may have never met before, therefore finding a possible match.


This could mean several things, whether you enjoy painting, exercising, reading, cleaning, bike riding etc. now is the perfect time to expand your knowledge and take your hobby to a whole another level! I would suggest choosing one passion and concentrating on that first, once you feel satisfied with the benchmark you have reached, try expanding on another one. On the flip side of that you could choose to try a new hobby all together, maybe it can be something that you’ve never really made the time for, or a topic of interest you’ve always been curious about.


I think we can all agree that its much better to be quarantined during these times of internet connection and Wi-Fi. With all the different ways to stay connected with our friends, family, and co-workers use that power to reach out. Try a new app, post inspiring quotes to spread positivity and show the individuals in your life that you care and are thinking of them. Maybe reconnect with a long-lost friend that you haven’t spoken to in forever. Have a deep and meaningful conversation with a family member with whom you have always admired. Go through old photos and reminisce about some of the fun experiences you have had, and from that make a list of new things you’d like to do after quarantine has subsided.

7 Keep in touch with the outside world.

Unfortunately, during this time, it’s not possible (well, possible but very, very ill advised — PLEASE don’t do it unless absolutely necessary) to go out and see other friends and family members. The whole point of social distancing is to avoid the spreading of germs, and that only works when we all stay home. But, thanks to technology, there are plenty of other ways to communicate with others. Don’t neglect relationships with friends and loved ones who are not your partner.

“Making sure that you have one to two calls, minimum, per day with other people is helpful to your mental health and overall sanity and connection,” Wright says. “Schedule video chats or phone calls with at least one friend or family member per day. It’s important to maintain your other relationships, even while you’re primarily with your partner.”

8 Learn something new.

Look at all this time you have! Think of what you could learn right now! You could pick up a new instrument. Learn a new language. Enhance your art skills. Really the possibilities are endless right now. With all the resources online, there is no excuse not to enrich yourself.

9 Forgive someone – even yourself.

If there is one thing we all know, it’s that forgiveness can be a hard thing to do. However, maybe in this time of crisis you can open your heart and forgive someone you need to forgive. Or maybe more importantly, take the time to forgive yourself.

10 Find a positive routine that works for you.

At the end of the day, you need to be as happy and whole as possible so you can give that to others. So take time and make yourself happy now. If you can’t be happy by yourself, how can you be happy in a relationship? The entire SINGLES GUIDE TO DATING IN QUARANTINE is full of tips that if you put into use, will help your relationship grow through this time period.

Things to remember – Everything will be ok.

We hope that the SINGLES GUIDE TO DATING IN QUARANTINE helped. Time continues to go by quickly regardless of quarantine or not. Life is still happening all around us and it’s ever changing, so take this mundane time of ambiguity to become a better version of yourself. When the curtain of doubt lifts and we are given the green light to venture back into this beautiful world, show up strong, refreshed, and ready to live your life to the fullest with a whole new perspective.

We hope this helped. If you have additional questions or other ideas on how to tackle this subject, please leave your feedback below.

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