We are a team of love-obsessed researchers, bloggers, and video makers.

Love’s Top 10 started as personal quest to uncomplicate love. Initially there was no website, just questions on paper that were handed out on the Las Vegas strip, which always proved to be entertaining if not productive. Then in November of 2009 LovesTop10.com was launched as a way to expand the amount of people we could reach. Over the course of almost 10 years, we have received thousands and thousands of questionnaires, changed and added questionnaires, and revamped the website.

We are excited to announce that we are putting up new website content, launching a YouTube series in early 2020 and have have 3 books coming out in 2020 as well, “Love’s Top 10:  Complicating Love”, “Love’s Top 10: Statistically Speaking”, and “Love’s top 10: Start Here”.
Love’s Top 10, we are uncomplicating love one story at a time.

*Update – Covid had other ideas for us. We are going to resume shooting once everything opens back up. Plan on the end of 2021 for release.

Jay Jimaii - Love's Top 10 - I'm No Expert Podcast

Jay Jimaii

Love’s Top 10 Team

Katie Richardson Jay Jimaii - Love's Top 10 - I'm No Expert Podcast

Katie Richardson

Katie is certified relationship consultant versed in attraction, dating & self empowerment with an emphasis on helping clients become a better version of their authentic selves. Katie is also the coauthor of the short read, “Love’s Top 10: Start Here” which focusses on assisting men and women alike asses their current situation, develop relationship goals, create and implement strategies to achieve their version of a “happily ever after”.

Loves Top 10 Shesha Hinton - Jimiaii Design

Shesha Hinton

Shesha has parlayed her executive assistant position into a valuable content creator for Love’s Top 10. Her strength in relationship assessment and her passion for helping others creates an unparalleled level of service for her clients who are overcoming relationship issues and creating the relationship they deserve.

Felicity White Loves Top 10 32-Recovered

Felicity White

Felicity brings a warmth, relatability, and professionalism that you can not miss to our already impressive line up of video personalities. Her sense of humor, empathy, and ability to connect with people creates a positive vibe which translates into videos that are fun to make and fun to watch.

Kristel Condo Loves Top 10

Kristel Condo

Kristel brings a fresh perspective and understanding coupled with a firm resolve to Love’s Top 10. As a licensed relationship coach. Kristel’s focus is helping you find the best you, so you can bring the best you to the relationship table. As main stay at Love’s Top 10, Kristel has been sharing ideas, information, and guiding people since we started. Her book, “Traveling Through Honey” is packed with straight forward positive information to help you and your spiritual self to where you want to be in life.