Why is saying I’m sorry so difficult?

You would think knowing that nobody is perfect, that we all make mistakes, you would think that knowing that, it would be easier to say sorry. Especially knowing that it makes every one of us feel a little better when someone apologizes to us after something has happened. So why is it so difficult for so many people to say I’m sorry? I want to find out the answer to that.

Why is saying I’m sorry so important?

When you say I’m sorry, at that moment not only do you acknowledge someone else’s feelings, but to the other person you are acknowledging that those feelings are important to you. Whether it is taking the time to step back if you were the person who helped create the pain or just acknowledging that you see someone going through pain and that they are not alone, that attention could be a start to making the other person feel better.

Why are we so bad at saying I’m sorry?

Who likes to admit they were wrong? More than that, who like to admit they were wrong and that they caused pain to someone that they care about. That within itself, if you are truly sorry for what you did will cause you a little pain to make it right. So even though we know everyone makes mistakes and nobody likes to go through pain and we all like/want to be comforted on some level, admitting our guilt sometimes out weights bearing responsibility so we can keep our own conscious clean.

How far would you go to say I’m sorry?

How far would you go? What lengths would you go to to let the person you care about know you messed up and that you’re really sorry. Does the apology have to match the pain that was caused? I have to admit that this subject area is not my expertise because like many of you, I’m terrible at saying I’m sorry. I think this is a very important topic, so I am going to find out. Story developing…

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