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    We created Love’s Top 10 as a personal quest to try and uncomplicate love. Yes, of course that is an ambitious goal. However, with our unique approach to love, we have helped countless men and women reverse a downward  spiraling relationship that was heading for breakup or divorce,  strengthen current relationships, or help someone gain the strength to move past a bad relationship and move towards the partner they want and relationship they deserve.

    Love's top 10 get inspired
    Love's top 10 get inspired

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    No matter where you are with your love life, you were inspired to visit this page. That could have been forced inspiration by someone cheating on you or you are in the middle of a challenging time in your relationship. That inspiration could be from being aimlessly single and struggling to find your true partner. The inspiration could also come from being in a relationship and feeling like you want to make it better, make no mistake about it, you were inspired to come here. Of course, I should take this opportunity to shamelessly plug our book, Love’s Top 10: Statistically Speaking, which comes out in 2020. The book covers 10 years of researching the who, what, where, why, when, and everything else about love from everyday people like you. It is an excellent, detailed tool to help you identify where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there. Remember though, you are inspired right now to make a positive step towards the happiness that you desire and deserve. It doesn’t matter what gave you the inspiration, use the inspiration as motivation. Please utilize our resources to help you uncomplicate love.

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    Love is all about time,
    not timing.

    Whether you are looking for love or have been married for years you know love is all about time not timing. A common misconception about love is that “timing is everything”, but love doesn’t have a watch. There is never a wrong time to love because love changes time. Love can make bad times good and good times even better. Time can fly by if there’s love in it and drag on if there’s not.