Short and to the point.

You and or someone you know needs to read this! (5 minute read) It will be short and straight to the point. If this doesn’t talk to your heart, there is someone that you know right now that needs to read this post. So read it and if it doesn’t apply to you, then think about who in your life will be impacted by reading this and share it with them.

Living the life.

There was a young hustler that ran the streets making $$, lots of it. He started out small slanging here and there and after years of hard work ended up being a major player in his city. He had all the materialistic things you could want including the bling, super nice condo, Benzes, BMW’s and a Lamborghini. He was living the life. Parties, anything and anyone he wanted. No commitments just pedal to the metal everyday until, he met this lady that would change everything.

She said yes.

She had an incredible smile, amazing warm eyes with soft long dark brown hair. The hustler was in awe. He awkwardly struck up a conversation one day. Ironically he felt that since they came from two different worlds, how could they possibly make it work? She was an attorney (yes an attorney) and he was a hustler, oh the irony. They talked, laughed, and enjoyed each others company and one day he decided he wanted to marry her. Out of the blue he asked her to marry him. Remember he was a hustler and she was an attorney and they had only known each other a very short time. She cried. She wanted to but didn’t really know how it would work out. She knew he was a hustler. So she said, if you really want to marry me, then let’s sell everything and we’ll move to the country. I’ll sell my practice and you sell all your stuff and we will start over just you and I. He thought about it, deeply. If she was willing to sacrifice her practice and all she had worked for, for him, surely he could do the same. All the clubs, the girls, the glamorous lifestyle, the beautiful women, was he willing to give it all up? Yes, aside from the Lamborghini. So he said I love you and I will let it all go. I’ll even move to the country and become a farmer, but please just let me keep the Lambo. She said yes, to both the Lambo and becoming his wife.

Just let it sit.

So they move to the country on a farm. He had no place to put his Lambo so he put in in the barn. It took a little getting used to but, the couple started to enjoy their new life in the country and the ex-hustler even found a Lamborghini club to join so he could hang out with other sports car enthusiasts. Over the next few years the couple had kids. A daughter first, then two boys. They even had 2 horses and 2 cows. The hustler turned farmer was pretty busy with his kids, the farm and wife and the Lambo was starting to accumulate dust and hay just sitting in the barn not being driven. When they first moved to the country the hustler would still drive the car around, but as time went on he just let it sit.

You’re smart, kind and you’re just a really good person.

Even more years passed, 16 to be exact and the daughter was about to get her license. She had worked really hard to save some money for a new car and went to ask her dad about it. Little did she know that he already was planning on helping her out with a new car. So when she walked in and said dad, I was thinking about buying a car when I get my license, what do you think? He responded, I’ve been waiting for this day. You’re smart, kind, you work very hard and you’re just a really good person. So I am going to give you the Lambo in the barn to sell and whatever you sell it for you can use to buy a car and keep the rest for the future.

What am I going to do with this thing?

She was with her friend, they looked at each other and thought about this car in the barn that had hay and dirt and had been sitting there ever since she was born. The daughter thought I can’t get much for this while the farmer handed her the keys and the title. He said, if you need me to come down and sign any papers just let me know but this should be everything you need.

So the young lady looked at her friend and said, what am I going to do with this thing. Her friend was like, well we can get a little something for it and then just use the money to help get something else, maybe. Then they stared at each other and asked, where can we even get rid of this thing? The friend said, let’s try a pawn shop, they buy everything. So the two grabbed the title, the keys, some pictures of the Lambo with hay and dirt all over it and set out for the pawn shop.

The Pawn Shop

When they arrived at the pawn shop the daughter walked in a bit nervous. They had everything from jewelry, tools, T.V.’s, to music instruments. They had everything. Her friend said, don’t worry I’ve been here before with my brothers. They’re nice here and they buy everything. So they walked up to the counter and the daughter said, Hi, I am turning 16 and my dad gave me his car for my Bday and said I could sell it and keep the money. So I have the title, the keys and some pictures of it. It’s a Lambo. They guy at the pawn shop thought she was joking so he showed a coworker. They both laughed at her and said are you serious? She said yes here’s my dads number, you can call him and ask for yourself. They looked at each other and talked amongst themselves for a minute. Then out of the blue one man said, you know it’s really dirty, probably doesn’t run, paint is scratched, we will give you $1000 cash for it. The daughter looked at her friend. Her friend said, girl you better take that. That’s way more than I’ve ever heard them offer for anything. The daughter was a little tempted to take it but she thought, I have to be able to get more than that right? My dad taught me never take your first offer, so she kept it moving. Although tempted because $1000 is a lot of $$$, she decided to try another place. The friend was like, ok but where, they are offering you $1000 here, now. She responded, how bout a car lot. They sells cars, maybe they’ll give me more because it’s a car. The friend nodded and said ok lets go.

Big Larry’s

So they ended up at Big Larry’s Used Car Lot. It was kind of a legendary car lot in the local area and Big Larry was kind of a celebrity. When they pulled up the daughter saw lots of cars she also liked, including this Honda. A salesman came up to the car door before the daughter could even open her door and asked if there was anything he could help them with. She told him the same story she told the pawn shop people. She turned 16 and her dad gave her a Lamborghini to sell and she could get whatever car she wanted with it. The salesman said, oh, ok is there anything on the lot that you like? She said yes that Honda over there. So he said what if I could take the Lamborghini and let you make some small payments for the rest, would that be ok? The daughter looked at her friend who was smiling ear to ear and both their eyes popped out because they thought this was amazing. I could trade in this old Lambo and walk away with a new Honda. The salesman said just come in and sit down and let’s work out some details. When they sat down the salesman offered them a soda or some water and a snack and the friend was like “aren’t they just so nice”. The salesman said, can I have your dads number so I can just call and go over things with him. So she said sure. So the salesman called the dad and asked if it was true. The dad said yes, she can have anything she wants and he’ll come and sign the papers. So the salesman walked back out and said it looks like we have a deal here. We’ll take your Lamborghini and trade it for this Honda Accord and you’ll only have $125 payments for 72 months. Her friend said, oh that’s easy. She said that sounds fine I think but how much are you giving me for the Lambornghini. The salesman said we are giving you $5000 trade in value. But the daughter thought about it and said, hold on let me call my dad first.

So she called her dad and said dad, I like this Honda, a lot and they are giving me $3000 for the Lambo, should I do it. The dad sat silent for a minute. He said that’s all you think it’s worth? She said I went to the Pawn shop and they offered my $1000 so this is a lot more than that. He said sweetheart, I hustled for years for that car, then saved it for years. Go to people who will value the car. Go to the Lamborghini car club and see what they say.

You Mean Bonita?

So she left the car lot and headed to the car club. As she was pulling up she could recognize a few things from when she was little. She opened the door and walked in with her friend and saw a few men standing by a car. She explained to them what she was there for and before she could get another sentence out they said, you mean Bonita? She looked puzzled like what are you talking about. They said you don’t remember when you were younger coming with your dad to the club and riding in all the sports cars? Your dad loves that car and called her Bonita,. Then you came along and he wanted to focus more on you, so you became his Bonita. The guys in the club couldn’t believe he was selling it so they said, can you call your dad? She called the farmer and handed the man the phone and he said, yes it’s true. Whatever she sells it for she gets to keep. So one guy said I’ll buy it for $100k and the other guy said Don’t be such a tight ass I’ll pay $125k. Another guy say, this is Bonita I will pay $140k for her. The farmer was happy and said he was on his way down to sign papers, but hand the phone to my daughter please.

The friend’s mouth was on the floor in amazement on what just happened. All the men were yipping in the background and the daughter, well she was in disbelief as well. She said dad I’m a little sad, happy and confused at the same time. She said dad I don’t understand what just happened. I went to one place, they offered me $1000, I went to another place and they offered me $3000 as a trade in, but here, they were willing to pay over $100k. The farmer said listen Bonita, just like in life, there will be plenty of people that pretend they want you, but go where you are valued the most. The daughter had tears falling down her face and the farmer said I’m on my way to come get you.

From my heart to yours

The lesson here is quite clear, but also one that is often forgotten. You should know your value and be where you feel valued. You should be around people who truly value you. Not only for where you are now, but where you have been and where you want to go.

Stay focused on you. Continue to shine and everyone will notice. There is light at the end of the tunnel, we just don’t know who’s holding it. Remember there is someone for everyone, I see it every time I go to Walmart.

I hope this helped you or you are able to share it with someone who needs it.

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